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Co-Executive Producer/Lead Writer  

 Bill Fisher



A Tribute to Jacques Cousteau

Written & Produced by Bill Fisher/333 Productions

333 Productions created this video to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of underwater filmmaker and conservationist Jacques Cousteau. The event, titled: ‘Ocean Inspiration: A Tribute to Jacques Cousteau’ was held to recognize, reward, celebrate and encourage ocean advocacy. Hosted and organized by Céline Cousteau, her brother Fabien, and father Jean-Michel, it was held at The Sea Grill, Rockefeller Plaza, N.Y.C. and attended by explorers, filmmakers, artists, dancers, musicians, and family and friends of the late underwater explorer. This short film was shot & edited by Joe Romeiro, and written & produced by Bill Fisher.

A Lateral Line

Written & Produced by Bill Fisher/333 Productions

“A Lateral Line” is a journey into the world of the pelagic shark, animals you won’t see in captivity, only in the wild. Once some of the most numerous species of sharks in the sea, pelagics have been steadily declining as overfishing continues to escalate. Witness the beauty of the Blue and Mako shark, and see why they are in dire need of our protection. This short film was shot & edited by Joe Romeiro, and written & produced  by Bill Fisher.


* Celebrate The Sea Indonesia - Conservation Award For Outstanding Achievement 

* Asian Dive Expo Singapore - Underwater Video of the Year 

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival - Education Award 

BLUE Ocean FilmFestival - Finalist