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Founded by Joe Romeiro & Bill Fisher in 2006, 333 Productions provides Hi Definition underwater cinematography, production coordination, expedition planning, underwater/topside filming, as well as full post-production capabilities. We are a team of cinematographers, producers, hosts and editors whose work has been featured on Discovery Channel, Sharkweek, National Geographic, BBC, and various other media

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Shark Vortex

Produced by 333 Productions & Radley Studios for Discovery Channel’s Sharkweek. Greg Skomal and Joe Romiero study the annual phenomenon that brings 30 species of shark into the waters of southern New England. With a focus on makos, great whites and porbeagles, these sharks can out-swim, out-think and out-perform all the others.

A Tribute to Jacques Cousteau

Written & Produced by 333 Productions

333 Productions created this video to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of underwater filmmaker and conservationist Jacques Cousteau. The event, titled: ‘Ocean Inspiration: A Tribute to Jacques Cousteau’ was held to recognize, reward, celebrate and encourage ocean advocacy. Hosted and organized by Céline Cousteau, her brother Fabien, and father Jean-Michel, it was held at The Sea Grill, Rockefeller Plaza, N.Y.C. and attended by explorers, filmmakers, artists, dancers, musicians, and family and friends of the late underwater explorer. At the event Céline said about the winners of the “Ocean Advocate” awards: “These are ocean advocates who share a passion for underwater life– the beauty, wonder and awe it provides. Like my grandfather, these award winners all understand that we can use our voice, creativity and talents to inspire others. They understand that the choices we make have an impact on our planet and our future. These deserving individuals are carrying out the legacy of my grandfather and his lasting impact on our oceans today.” 

Legacy: The Words of Peter Benchley

Written & Produced by 333 Productions & Shark Savers

For Jaws fans! Legacy: The Words of Peter Benchley presents the shark conservation message of Peter Benchley, the author of Jaws, in his own words. Legacy combines Benchley's eloquent words with the stunning imagery of white sharks filmed by the immensely talented underwater filmmaker, Joe Romeiro. Many pelagic sharks are threatened with extinction, and shark populations throughout the world have been decimated by unsustainable demand for their fins. And yet, sharks are essential to the healthy balance of the oceans. The message of Benchley, and of Legacy, is that we need to protect these important and magnificent animals. Produced by 333 Productions & Sharksavers.

A Lateral Line

Written & Produced by 333 Productions

“A Lateral Line” is a journey into the world of the pelagic shark, animals you won’t see in captivity, only in the wild. Once, some of the most numerous species of sharks in the sea, pelagics have been steadily declining as overfishing continues to escalate. Witness the beauty of the Blue and Mako shark, and see why they are in dire need of our protection. Produced by 333 Productions 

Celebrate The Sea Indonesia 

Conservation Award For Outstanding Achievement 

Asian Dive Expo Singapore

Underwater Video of the Year 

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Education Award 

BLUE Ocean FilmFestival


Will Smith
-Bucket List Shark Dive-

Will Smith conquers one of the biggest fears on his bucketlist and scuba dives with sharks. 333 Productions takes Will on an underwater experience he'll never forget. Fear turns into fascination. Leading the 333 crew is Joe Romeiro (Underwater Cinematographer) Lauren Romeiro (Underwater Cinematographer), Jamin Martinelli (Shark Wrangler) Mike Black (Shark Wrangler) Bill Fisher (Photographer) and Cristina Zenato & Paul DeGelder as Will's motivating force and inspiration to dive with Tiger sharks outside of the cage.

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